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New Born Baby Photoshoot Packages

Basic Package

    • If travelling to Client Home: ₹ 2000 for Delhi NCR (50Km)
    • 2 Hours session – [Morning / Noon / Evening]
    • 1 Dedicated experienced baby photographer
    • 2 Best selected themes from 20+ themes
    • 100 Raw clicks via Google Drive
    • Location – Dwarka Sector-23 Studio
    • One 10″ x 12″ framed photo – per your selected photo
    • 15 Edited photos – per your selection

Popular Package

    • If travelling to Client Home: ₹ 2000 for Delhi NCR (50Km)
    • 4 Hours session – [Morning / Noon / Evening]
    • 1 Dedicated experienced photographer
    • 4 Selected themes from 20+ themes
    • 200 Raw clicks via Google Drive
    • Location – Dwarka Sector-23 Studio
    • One 16″ x 24″ framed photo – per your selected photo
    • 30 Edited Photos – Per your selection

Add Ons

  • Album Starts @ ₹ 2999 For 30 Images
  • Gown For Mother Starts @ ₹ 1999
  • Make Up & Hair Do @ ₹ 1999

New Born Photoshoot

Greatest gift you ever got. Love of your life. Final piece of your one complete happy family. With Newborn Photography announce the news of your child’s birth. We @ BumpifyByDivya believe in “Taking an image, freezing the moment and revealing how rich reality truly is.”

Best & Affordable Newborn Photoshoots

One of the most priceless experiences of our lives is the first time we touch a newborn. The pleasure of wonder begins the instant they are born. It makes us smile, and that grin lasts forever, i.e., a newborn baby photoshoot is necessary to capture all those moments for a lifetime.

The most priceless gift on earth is babies. You enjoy giving them extended looks. Touching a baby brings happiness, pride, relief, and a close friend. However, the joy of that instant cannot be properly expressed.

The actual core of photography is not just about catching smiles but also about feelings, being, and souls.

“With every newborn baby, a little sun rises.”

We are a committed crew who will capture the essence of your special day and those fleeting moments. Additionally, we have a talented post-production staff that enhances the beauty of the images we take to document your day and tell your narrative.

Our goal is to capture your most treasured moments forever. One of the most notorious and adorable babies on our earth was lord Krishna ji.

Bumpify also does newborn baby boy photoshoots as natkhat Kanha ji you can look after our newborn baby Krishna photoshoots.

Why is it important to do the shoot within two weeks of birth?

Customers sometimes ask us why photoshoots for newborns under two weeks old need to be photographed. It appears strange, premature, or torturous to some after having just had a new kid.

Even if it may be challenging to leave the house just after giving birth, we can tell you there is a solid reason. We have to hold the photographic session when the baby is less than two weeks old to capture all the beautiful pictures of babies being beautifully posed, dozing in buckets, or curled up in a womb-like position.

A newborn’s physique is flexible, and they spend a lot of time sleeping when they are first born. The reason why the infant poses are so adorable is that they mimic womb-like positions.

The first few weeks of your child’s existence go very quickly, and you won’t get another chance to experience those priceless moments.

The precious innocence, delicate features, and heavenly expressions that make your heart sing can be perfectly captured in a newborn photo session. However, you can also do a newborn baby monthly photoshoot.

Why are photographs of brand-new babies so treasured and satisfying?

Taking pictures of your newborn baby triggers memories since it displays their purity and beauty and revives memories of your family.

Parents should be cautious when selecting a professional photographer with expertise in newborn pictures. Newborn photography is created by combining technological expertise, experience, and creativity.

If you decide to photograph a newborn, keep in mind that they lose their “baby image” and flexibility 14 days after birth. The first 14 days after delivery are ideal for newborn photos. It is perfect for taking pictures of fast-asleep newborns.

When you are starting, stay away from too many concept shots. If you want to be a newborn photographer, patience & creativity will always be the key.

Why should you hire Bumpify for your Newborn baby photography?

A baby is the most extraordinary delight a person can experience. Parents want to spend as much time as possible with their babies and frequently take photos to document such times. When capturing pictures, we only used film cameras a few decades ago.

Today, however, we have cell phones and many more devices at our disposal. With this in mind, one could wonder why we need a professional baby photographer since we can capture images of our baby on our own.

The primary motivation is understanding baby positions and a newborn’s limitations in adjusting to the stance. We have more than seven years of experience in this area and have taken nearly 5,000 pictures of children in our studio. Also, we have unique newborn baby photoshoot ideas to increase the beauty of your baby even more.

Also, we have multiple themes, such as newborn baby beach theme photoshoots you can choose any you want. We have a variety of newborn sets, costumes, and props to do a photoshoot with newborn baby.

The art of baby photography demands a great deal of expertise and patience. We have unique ideas for newborn baby girl & baby boy photoshoots. Our staff brings these qualities to the table, and we have years of expertise in this industry.

Newborns’ physical characteristics rapidly alter. One of the things that make newborn infant photographs so unique is this. A picture of a newborn baby taken while they are less than two weeks old will always bring back pleasant memories. You will treasure these memories for the rest of your life.

One of life’s most beautiful experiences is welcoming a new family member, and you should capture that moment by hiring a professional photographer.

Since every component of the photo shoot should have been prepared and finalized before the baby is born, we always advise hiring a professional newborn photographer throughout the pregnancy. For our newborn customers, we make unique setups and props.

We are Delhi’s top newborn photographer, and we’d love for you to come to check it out by visiting our studio. So make an appointment with us right away to photograph your baby.

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